About Us

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JANE  Retired to Thailand in 2008 and planning to travel and see the world. Within a week her first dog Margaret moved in, quickly followed by Mandy, Dido and Gimpy. Then came the 2 poodles and Porsche. Jane started feeding and sterilising the dogs on the road were she lives,  Jane takes care of the dogs at a temple and direct area.Every day she looks for injured dogs and abandoned pups to take to Tan diau pet hospital. Jane cannot say no to a cry for help. She tries to say no but it always turns into yes and she rescued each injured dog and cat she sees.

BARRY  (husband of Jane) Retired to Thailand in 2008. Barry took care of the dogs in 2013 when Jane was in hospital for a week after a bite from a dog which broke her hand and she was unable to feed the dogs. He has taken care of HIS dogs ever since leaving Jane to manage the Temple and all the other areas.

MURRAY  (brother of Jane) came to Thailand in 2015 for his first holiday and fell in love with the street and temple dogs. Every day he fed the dogs and came to the temple to take care of the dogs there. He and his wife Gail also fell in love with a little street dog called Scarly. They renamed her Poppy and put her in kennels until she was able to fly to the UK. Murray helps Marlie with the website and fundraising. He and Gail can’t wait to come back to Hua Hin in January to help with the dogs.