This is Happy

Posted on Facebook by Brigitte Persson

I need you help:

Before Jane went on Holiday she said absolutely no more rescue dogs for awhile as our vet bill was almost 200,000 last month. Well guess what I did yesterday…..

I couldn’t help myself as a call came for help for a dog in Big C (with no owner) who has a massive bloody tumor in her Wing Wong (private parts). I drove her to vets. Please help me, to help this new dog who I have named Happy by donating direct towards her treatment. She needs 4 weeks of chemo for this TVT or tumor to disappear. Without treatment this dog has not a chance. Small or big amounts accepted with massive gratitude.

Sorry only have a nasty looking pic of her butt, it looks like she has been shoot by a shot gun in the butt, so not posting it. If you want pic I am happy to send it to you.

But this how cute she is from the front.

For donations:

Account name: Mrs Jane Key
Account number: 927 216100-0
Bank details: Siam Commercial Bank



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