Update from hua hin veterinary hospital van Morrison is doing well had some nasty growths removed from his skin. Parvo puppy from the dog shelter is hanging in there and wagging her tail. Sadly Deng from the palace died of chronic kidney failure last night. Warty, skin is getting better slowly. Dukdik is learning to get around on 3 legs and eating well but would love a home.thokdor continues to improve thanks to 2 vets at opposite ends of Thailand working together.rosie is ready to go to her new home at the temple in Pranbury. Keptok, s cancer is almost gone now but still needs chemo. Lai is paralysed and blind from a car accident but looks forward to his sausages.abbie is continuing with her chemo for tvt as is Colin webster hates it at the vet but as the university Is closed there Is nowhere for him to go. Amy the mother of Tokyo has blood parasites and is very thin. John has 2 broken legs but they are repairable thank goodness. Khon kaen rescued from soi 94 yesterday has blood parasites. Sadly her brother Gop is still missing.

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