There I was HAVING A DAY OFF when Andrea phoned to say she saw a dog with wire wound tightly round his leg. He was not easy! Eventually managed to lasso him with a leash and get a muzzle on him but then he panicked and started dancing and twisting around poor boy. I couldn’t let go because he now had a muzzle on. Eventually he passed out he had wound the leash so tightly round his neck so we quickly got him in the box. I was worried in case he had strangled himself but he was ok when we got to the clinic.He weighed in at 21kg, no lightweight !
This wire was not accidental. It was twisted around his leg very tightly and was cutting deep into his flesh. His name is Boxo. He will be sterilsed and put back once he has forgiven me. Sadly there is another dog there with the same problem but I couldn’t get near him.

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