The truth

the truth about dumping dogs…. Is it a Thai problem? so far this year that’s 2018, i have had animals abandoned by expats leaving and refusing to take their dogs. Norwegian ,Russian, American , British. those are the ones who asked for help and dumped the problem on rescuers. we then have to move the Thai dogs down the queue to resolve the more urgent problem of expat dumping. this does not include the never ending list of tourists who take in a dog or cat for their holiday then ask for help rehoming at the end when they leave. Dogs in Thailand are for life consider your future and the dogs when you adopt a dog here. it’s a death sentence putting them back on the street but do not blackmail rescuers either. you are using up the little money we have on your created problem that could be spent on neutering and rehoming Thai dogs. strange you never have any money to help with the rehoming …….

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