Dolly and George

This is the story of Dolly and George. It’s quite long but it has a happy ending. actually it’s a new beginning for both of them!
Dolly was dumped on Barry’s run with 7 pups. He de-wormed them and fed them every day. then one day 6 pups disappeared we think migrant workers took them for food as they left a little skinny sickly one. That night my neighbour rushed to tell me he had found a pup hit by a car. Next morning I took him to the vet and luckily he only had cuts and bruises. I called him George.
while I was at the vet, Barry called to say a dog had been hit by a car. It was Dolly.
I picked her up and took her to the clinic where she was found to need her femoral head removed . she had Blood parasites so had to wait for the operation.
meanwhile Puglady Kate Woolf offered to foster little George so he went off to join her 9 pugs. Sadly he had contracted Corona virus so was rushed off to kasetsart for treatment.
He very generously gave it to most of the pugs….. George decided very early on that he was a pug and got quite distraught at Kasetsart when he saw one!
Dolly had her operation and slowly began to recover. we took her walking on the beach to strengthen her muscles but she sadly had to go back to her cage.
Linda Fröken Molin loved Dolly so she offered to foster her until we found a home. Not easy as she was an older dog with a disability but then…… Candice Rose Hucke happened!
she said she would adopt Dolly and take her to the USA. now all we needed was a Flight Volunteer(FV) and there she was! Jenna Mock was travelling back to New York in February and a friend of hers wanted to adopt George.
Ina Moriggi made all the arrangements for them to travel so off they went to Peter Neilson to be prepared for their flight.
There they met each other for the first time since they were on the street. not sure if there was any recognition,but they didn’t fight!

James Reynolds made sure they both sailed through livestock and at last flight day came. Tanaphol Tum Sereethanasar of Relo4paws took them to the airport to meet Jenna and off they went. Little bit of nervous poop to clean up but he didnt let George escape and he settled back down for the trip
Nope not finished yet! flight was delayed an hour so the connection was boarding when Jenna landed in Korea. Jenna used her charm ( i think she actually threatened to kill them or at least damage them badly if they didn’t hold the flight) and they boarded the last leg of their journey.
While they were in the air, George’s adopter decided to pull out but Ina spoke to her sister ( she had already hijacked a dog called Sugar from her sister ) and of course she said yes!
Ina was picking them up at JFK but missed the turning ( probably because she was so busy giving updates to anxious people in Thailand and Massachusetts (Kristen Nicolazzo Lazuka) so headed for the Cape! but she did a U turn Thai style and got there on time.
so George and Dolly ( now Molly) begin there new lives TODAY in the USA .I can stop taking vallium and move on to the next rescue!

So many lives have been touched by these 2 dogs who would surely be dead if it wasn’t for this great Village of people fighting to give Thai streetdogs a better life. Thank you!

if YOU want to help, be a Flight Volunteer it costs nothing!

Lucky the brown and white pup with George is still available for adoption!
He would LOVE to live on a farm….

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