How to export a dog

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All of the dogs desperately need loving homes.

How to export a Thai dog
The dogs we have for adoption are exceptions! They can not be placed back on the street or in a temple, they would not survive and would die a horrible slow death. That’s why we would help with the adoption to another country. We do not use donations to export dogs overseas, so we would require all costs in advance in these exceptional cases.
The export costs for USA and Canada are the most straightforward. They require only micro-chipping, up to date rabies injections, and de-worming and there is very little waiting time. Costs are between 500 and 700 Euros. UK and Europe costs are between 750 – 1500 euros. These costs will depend on how the dog flies to your country. With yourself, with a flight volunteer or by a cargo airplane. Adopting a dog to Australia and New Zealand is a longer process and costs much more. This is due to the countries’ strict quarantine requirements. Animals need to spend about 6 months in a foster home in an approved country (which includes almost all Western countries). and then travel from there to Australia or New Zealand, where they spend 10 days in a quarantine facility.
The sterilization, vaccinations, micro-chip, travel cage, titer test health certificate and pet passports are included in these costs. If the dog has to remain in kennels in Thailand during the waiting period then there may be an additional cost for the kennels fees. A dog may only fly from the age of six months. If you decide to adopt a Thai dog, the dog is allowed to fly only after 3 months, this is because a blood titer test is required and their is a 90 day wait time following the test. The titer test is required to ensure the dog has the required level of rabies antibodies in their blood. For USA and Canada the dog needs no titer test and the dog can fly after 1 month.


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