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This is Rosie. hit by a car and left by the roadside . a kind lady brought her to Klong rd Animal hospital but couldn’t adopt her . Rosie was a baby just 3 months old. of course, I took the case and arranged to send her to NSAL in New York for adoption. Khun Aon fell in love and agreed to foster her.She waited 4 months for a flight then one became available in June. Recently Rosie has become breathless and tires easily for a pup so Aon took her to Tan Diau clinic. Sadly they have diagnosed a diaphragmatic hernia most likely caused by the car accident. She has only one working lung which is why she gets tired easily. Rosie cannot fly to NY so our dreams for her in the USA are over. Her life expectancy is about 2 to 3 years. Rosie needs a home here with someone who will love her and make sure she has a happy short life. All future vets bills will be paid and she will be sponsored by me .
Can you help Rosie? She is a loving dog and fine with cats and other dogs